EXE: an internationalized company

EXE ADVISOR: international since the beginning

EXE ADVISOR believes that the survival instinct is the first step of innovation, reason why we believe that in a period of crisis like this we should anyway innovate in every sector. An economic crisis creates the basis for rethinking of the existing opportunities and therefore create the new ones, meaning new markets.

EXE ADVISOR is young only in thoughts, ideas and in the way of understanding the market and economic reality, but actually it comes from an association of professionals working for years in the field of consulting and technology.

Members of EXE have studied the market and the economic and social change to anticipate the timing of recovery and lay the foundation for a total renovation of the companies, starting from technology. That's why our consultants believe that action in times of crisis is essential for innovation.


So in 2015 we founded EXE ADVISOR with the aim of conveying all consulting and IT skills in a unique reality. Now every enterprise, institution, association or organization can receive a 360° assistance from a single referent: the Advisor.

Today EXE is part of an international network of professionals active from legal assistance to finance. It is a founding member of CSI Kronos based in Rome and of the UP International Foundation in London.



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EXE ADVISOR SUPPORTS MADE IN ITALY EXE decided to support companies that are committed every day to raise awareness of our country through the production of typically Italian goods and services. Our goal is to create a solid business foundation for the enterprises located in our country [...]

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