Our Method

How the Advisor works

EXE ADVISOR’s structure is flexible and dynamic as well as the team members who compose it. It has been carefully tailored to favor the process of transmission of skills and operational tools to the customer.


We conceive every consultation as a real project. Our working method is based on solid business strategies which in turn are based on the discipline of project management. Over the years our consultants have developed an innovative model of project management: each customer is assigned to a reference Advisor, modeled on the business tutoring that will follow him throughout the course of the project life.


The advisor then plays the role of project manager with the unique purpose of achieving the complete satisfaction of the client's objectives. The advisor relates directly with the Analysis and Strategy Office to which must respond with periodic reports, because the Board of Advisors coordinates all consulting activities and constantly monitors the trend.


In carrying out their activities the advisors can enable all the services of the three strategic divisions of the company providing a complete service to the customer.




The consultancy is diversified by sector. The constant commitment of our team aims at offering custom-made solutions in line with the budget. Our advisors first focus on sector analysis where customer activities is analyzed in detail in order to improve the efficiency, the organization and more generally the performance of the company.


Then they carry out the due diligence activities such as the analysis of entry and exit barriers in a particular sector, the power of stakeholders, the threat of the external environment meant as analysis of the direct and indirect competition, possible services, the power of customers using these services and finally an overall analysis of the competitive framework.


It is also discussed the well-known SWOT analysis by which you can examine strengths and weaknesses of the client and their product, opportunities and threats of the external environment; so together we can draw up the big picture.


In the end the Advisor will produce a report whose contents will be made by the customer history (useful to understand the reasons for success or failure), the staff management as the organizational climate and the corporate culture, turnover rates and strategies for human capital management compared to our case studies and other variables. What is important is the strategic overview that emerges from the analysis of strategic positioning based on data collected by our professionals during their inspection.


Special attention is given to the financial information. The Finance Area together with the advisor complete surveys on information systems, task management and accounting, environmental impacts and social aspects of their activities and possible future issues in terms of taxes and business taxes.


Once our intervention is requested we will provide you a free consultation that will help us understand your goals, figure out what skills you need and what your competitive advantage is.

Afterwards we will submit an estimate with a detailed business plan. Once the budget is accepted the advisor will follow your project through the operational program by activating all the resources at our disposal.



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