EXE Advisor - Executive management consulting group

EXE Advisor is a company operating in consulting to corporation, institutions and organizations, associations, political and interest groups in the development of its international business, development and introduction of innovative technologies such as information technology solutions for the commercial area, innovative solutions to support the organization management, administration, financial management and human resources. We offer also targeted interventions in the field of communications and corporate relations, proposing strategies in line with your goals.

The company provides experts in different subjects – the Advisors. They are able to listen to you, advise you and guide you to achieve your goals. The Advisor will become one of you and will support your staff. We pretend to be as transparent as possible for your real guarantee and protection of your interests.

We constituted the EXE Study Centre because learning is the basis of our daily work, we are always looking for new solutions in order to simplify the complex institutional reality that exists around every customer organizations. If you want to discover how we really work, just visit the page Our Method.

Our organizational structure is a hybrid, a mix between a functional and a divisional model, which allows us to be as flexible as possible to meet customer needs and provide immediate feedback.

At the top of the company there is the Analysis and Strategy Office which lies just below the Executive Level and is assisted by the Research Center of EXE and the Board of Advisors. At the operational level there are 4 divisions: IT and Communication, Human Resources and International Finance.




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